Testing, assessing and validating cooperative ITS solutions


The platform allows comprehensive validation of intelligent transportation systems. In virtual reality or real environments, the user can test representative V2V and V2I communications.


You may choose to come with your own teams and equipment and use our comprehensive ready-to-use test environments. We will provide access to all the logistic and infrastructure that you require.


Or you may choose to entirely delegate responsibility for your validation campaign to our validation experts. As part of an enduring partnership, our multi-discipline validation teams will put their many years’ experience and their know-how to use and perform full validation in accordance with your requirements, i.e.

  • Defining the test environment
  • Defining the necessary test tools (simulation, communication infrastructure, dataloggers, etc.)
  • Developing the necessary test tools (HW and SW)
  • Defining the appropriate evaluation metrics
  • Conducting the tests
  • Analysing and reporting on the test results


Car2Road partners include high-value experts with decades of experience in embedded electronics and telecommunication validation.  This high level of expertise enables us to address all the key aspects of intelligent mobility validation:- speed and acceleration, loss of signal, interoperability, EMC, etc.