A variety of test tracks for real-world representative testing


Located on a former airport, the main AREMIS-Lure test platform enables testing in controlled conditions in a 1:1 environment. Up to 50 vehicles can be mobilised at the same time on this 40-hectare site and the facility will be able to test virtually all mobility patterns; a 3km-long highway for high-speed testing and a 2km-long rural road are already available - an additional urban area will enable the technical complexity of urban traffic to be reproduced.


Partnerships forged with local authorities have enabled the Lure test-site to be extended to include 3 additional open test sites (a city district, a motorway and a rural area) specifically for testing new solutions under real conditions.


The participation of European, French and German authorities is the opportunity to validate the performance of services and applications not only in various specific contexts, but also in cross-border situations (roaming, mountains etc.).