Comprehensive services for all mobility players


Car2Road is involved in all project phases relating to design and testing of intelligent transport systems and services. We perform the relevant validation and demonstration activities necessary for successful development, i.e., we

  • Test and validate connected vehicle applications
  • Verify system interoperability
  • Ensure and certify product maturity
  • Carry out  simulated and physical testing for collaborative research
  • Conduct proving of concepts for innovative solutions.


The service that we offer differs from that offered by conventional test sites in that we provide specific ITS expertise and we are open to all sectors of industry. Our versatility is such that Car2Road is able to meet the requirements of:


  • Automotive OEMs
  • Tier 1, Tier 2 suppliers
  • Infrastructure manufacturers
  • R&D collaborative consortia
  • Road infrastructure designers and operators
  • Telecoms services providers
  • Software and apps development companies
  • Consulting and engineering companies
  • Public authorities


We can offer a unique combination of services from experts in the automotive and infrastructure sectors, academia and the community.